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1AP’s 3 Things to Know—Masterpiece Cakeshop and Free Expression

On December 5th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. There are two major First Amendment issues in this case–free speech and expression and religious freedom. We’ve already written about the religious freedom case for why Jack Phillips should win here. Here are 3 Things to Know about […]

1AP’s What You Need to Know: Masterpiece Cakeshop

Media coverage and advocacy groups have and will continue to wildly misrepresent arguments on both sides of the case. However, part of living in a diverse, pluralistic country is learning to live with your neighbors. Using the force of government to remove those with whom we disagree from the public sphere is not the way to do that.

1AP’s 3 Things to Know–California Assembly Bill 569

The California legislature passed AB-569 in September. If signed into law, the bill would subject religiously-affiliated organizations to employment non-discrimination laws that ban discrimination on the basis of reproductive health decisions. Faith-based organizations have been exempted from these rules for decades–and with good reason. Faith-based organizations would be forced to employ and unable to discipline […]

1AP’s 3 Things to Know — Conscience Protection

The ACLU recently filed suit challenging Michigan’s conscience protection law that allows child-placement agencies to offer foster and adoption services consistent with the organizations’ deeply held religious beliefs.

1AP’s 3 Things to Know — HHS New Contraception Mandate Rule

The federal contraceptive mandate will remain in place for most employers but will now include a real exemption for religious groups.

STATEMENT: HHS Moves to Protect the Little Sisters of the Poor

The new rule creates a sensible balance that will ensure women access to contraception while accommodating a small number of conscientious objectors.

1AP’s 3 Things to Know—The Role of US Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom

The Office of International Religious Freedom was created through an act of Congress in 1998. It is overseen by the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. Housed within the State Department, it has the mission of promoting religious freedom as a core component of U.S. foreign policy. OIRF works alongside federal agencies, including the Departments […]

When not even sacred spaces feel safe on campus

“During times of tragedy, faith groups provide support for their communities. And millions of students find their safe space through faith. Faith-based clubs and community centers provide support for college students finding their way. They serve meals and hold services. They give back to their communities. They make overwhelming campuses feel smaller and more familiar.”

Religious freedom and LGBT rights: It doesn’t have to be winner-take-all

“A dangerous assumption is gaining ground in our national conversation and that is the notion that protecting the rights of one group can only come at the expense of protecting the rights of another.”

Muslim refugees, Christian cake bakers have more in common than you think

“Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project should remind progressives why the First Amendment’s protections for religious freedom should not be abandoned just because they sometimes yield “conservative” results.”