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Utah Passes Antidiscrimination Bill Backed by Mormon Leaders

by Laurie Goodstein in “The New York Times”

Nondiscrimination for All

by Jonathan Rauch in “National Affairs”

Who’s winning the culture war?  Answer:  No one.

by Tim Schultz in “The Hill”

LGBT rights are not incompatible with religious liberty unless we make them so

by Marion Edmonds Allen and Derek Monson in the “Washington Examiner”

PRESS RELEASE: University of Iowa Threatens Freedom of Association by Deregistering 38 Student Organizations

In an unprecedented action, the University of Iowa kicked 38 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) off campus, including at least 22 organized around religion, culture, or ideology.

1AP’s 3 Things to Know — Louisiana Campus Free Speech Legislation (SB 364)

Across the country, college students face threats to free speech on campus as administrators try to silence unpopular viewpoints. States have recently begun passing legislation that protects the free speech and free association rights granted by the 1stAmendment and state constitutional law to students at public colleges and universities. This spring, Louisiana passed a campus free […]

Faith-Based Healthcare Providers in D.C. Must Be Able to Staff in Accordance With Their Mission

A proposed law would prevent faith-based healthcare providers from operating based on their mission, caring for their neighbors, and serving their community.

1st Amendment Partnership Response to Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision

“The legislative process, not the courts, is the best venue for this type of line-drawing and reconciliation of differing interests. It is both possible and necessary for legislators to protect religious people and LGBT people from unjust discrimination. “

1AP’s 3 Things to Know — Faith-Based Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the state of Michigan over a 2015 law that allows religious adoption agencies to offer services according to their faith. Similar legislation proposed in Kansas and Oklahoma proactively aims to ensure private organizations are not prohibited by state law from aiding in foster care and adoption. Laws codifying […]

Who’s winning the culture war? Answer: No one

BY TIM SCHULTZ, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 03/06/18 “When seen through the prism of the culture wars, conventional wisdom has typically held that the courts will decide the big questions about religious freedom and LGBT rights. So far, that hasn’t been true.” Read more at The Hill: