STATEMENT: HHS Moves to Protect the Little Sisters of the Poor

WASHINGTON, DC— Upon news that the Trump administration will protect the conscience rights of the Little Sister of the Poor, 1AP issued the following statement from President Tim Schultz:

“The government mandate that led to the absurdity of forcing nuns pay for drugs that cause abortion was an illegal and completely avoidable overreach. The new rule announced today by the Department of Health and Human Services creates a sensible balance that will ensure women access to contraception while accommodating a small number of conscientious objectors.

I hope that this demonstrates to all government officials that, to quote then-President Bill Clinton, ‘Government should be held to a very high level of proof before it interferes with someone’s free exercise of religion.'”

Tim Schultz is the president of the 1st Amendment Partnership, an organization dedicated to protecting the religious freedom of Americans of all faiths, primarily through advocacy in state legislatures.

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