Lance Kinzer

As Director of Policy and Government Relations, Lance Kinzer works with legislators, representatives of diverse faith communities, nonprofits, and public policy groups to advance religious liberty legislation at the state-level. Together, they formulate and implement legislative strategies that fit the specific needs and political realities of each state. 

He testifies frequently before state-legislatures in furtherance of religious freedom legislation. He has on-the-ground experience in more than 20 legislatures, and has played an important role in the passage of over 15 pieces of state religious liberty legislation. These laws include state Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, and protections for religious college student groups, faith-based child placement service agencies, parental rights, and workplace conscience rights. 

Prior to joining 1AP, Lance served for 10 years in the Kansas House of Representatives and was Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee from 2009-2014. He authored the Kansas Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2013, the Kansas Healthcare Rights of Conscience Act in 2014, and more than 30 other pieces of enacted legislation.  

Lance practiced law for 20 years. He litigated at every level in Kansas state courts and served as Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Kansas in 2005-2006. Prior to entering private practice Lance served on active duty in U.S. Army JAG Corps.

Lance resides in the Kansas City area and is a graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois and the University of Kansas School of Law. He has been married to his wife Michelle, a high school math teacher, for 27 years. They have two grown children both of whom are in graduate school, one at Reformed Theological Seminary- Jackson, the other at Wheaton College. 

Best Thing About Your Job: I love the opportunity to collaborate with people in states across the county who share the same passion for protecting religious freedom for everyone. Those relationships are priceless. 

Favorite Television Show:  The Wire. While I would not recommend it to everyone, it is a compelling and clear-eyed look at the world from a Hobbesian perspective. I only wish the occasional redemptive notes were more pronounced. 

What I’m Reading: I am always reading multiple books. At moment these include Bavinck: A Critical Biograph by James Eglington. A comprehensive look at the life of the Dutch theologian who has had a significant impact on my own theological development. I’m also leading a small group of people reading through The Federalist Papers & Letters of “Brutus” together. We’re reading each letter on the date that they were published back in 1877-88.

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