Desair Shaw

Desair (pronounced Duh-zair) currently serves as Web Content Editor for Faith Counts, a program of the 1st Amendment Partnership. She works with Faith Counts’ multi-faith partners and team to help promote the value of faith.

Desair has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism from Boston University and the University of Maryland. She was hired right out of grad school to work at USA Today, where she spent 13 years working in various editorial capacities, digital operations, from programming the website to managing the main social media accounts to creating videos, quote cards and GIFs. While there, in addition to her online editorial work, Desair also served as Diversity Committee chair intern coordinator. Most recently, she was the Audience Editor for USA Today.

Desair is active in her church, where she runs the Multimedia Ministry. In her free time, she enjoys journaling, skiing, scuba diving and spending time with her husband and adorable toddlers.

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