Faiths United

The 1st Amendment Partnership unites and coordinates action among the nation’s largest faith communities on matters of religious freedom policy. The 1st Amendment Partnership works with faith leaders to protect and promote freedom of religion for all Americans, of all faiths. Watch this space to follow important religious freedom news from our faith partners.

What is Religious Liberty?
Watch this video from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops about Religious Liberty

A Vital win for Religious Freedom: Little Sisters of the Poor v. Azar
In October 2017, following litigation brought by the Becket Fund, HHS issued a new rule with a broad religious exemption.

Religious Freedom Is Our First Freedom.
Click to see a great video about the value of America’s most important freedom.

Religious freedom advocates are divided over how to address LGBT rights
Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News

Sentencing After Sikh Attack in Las Vegas
Sikh Coalition

Let Catholic adoption agencies be Catholic. We should focus on finding every child a home
Dr. Russell Moore, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA Today

Masterpiece Cakeshop will help protect Jew’s religious freedom
Howard Slugh, National Review

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